A one-eyed black cat jumps into a dumpster right as a garbage truck comes.


When a seemingly fun popup restaurant called SERIAL KILLER opens downtown it attracts all types of visitors. What at first seems fun might end up being the ultimate kitchen nightmare!

More texting stories

lost phone outside school

lost phone outside school creepy text story

The creepy story of Hannah, who finds a lost phone outside her school. A text message reads: please txt if you find my phone. When she texts back a cute boy answers.

fishing for kids

fishing for kids poster

A substitute teacher warns his class about the creepy book FISHING FOR KIDS, written by Nancy James. But are they too busy texting to pay attention to his scary school safety warning.

creepy texts from the park

A man sits in a park watching kids play when he receives creepy texts. Loosely inspired by the book Fishing For Kids by Nancy James.

snake in the school library

snake in the school library poster

A giant scary snake escapes from a zoo and ends up in a school library. A boy texts his friend a warning but he might get them too late. This creepy text story is based on the stories in the newspaper article shown at the end of the video. These original scary texts and text stories can be found on youtube channel Don't Turn Around.

creepy text messages from boarding school

creepy text messages from boarding school poster

I received these creepy text messages from a girl at a boarding school in America. I’m in England and the police have been unhelpful to say the least. If you know where she is now, please let me know in the comments below.

the creepy walk to school

the creepy walk to school poster

Emma walks alone to school every day. One rainy night, when walking back home, she texts her friend creepy stories about stranger danger. The next morning, walking to school, Emma thinks a van is following her. If she can make it to school she’ll be safe. Or so she thinks. 


There is a creepy maze near where I live. As the story goes, it was built on ancient ruins. I should have known better when my Ex texted me in the early hours of the morning; texting she was somehow trapped and couldn't find her way out. Unfortunately it's very hard to ignore someone pleading for your help. I should have listened to my gut.

The Back To School Bully

Every school has a bully which makes going back to school no fun. It's Matt's first day at his new school, and within the first few hours, he encounters the school bully. But this is Don't Turn Around, where things get creepy fast and what happens next is never what you expect...