scary school stories

My New 5th Grade Teacher creepypasta

This is a creepypasta (short story) about Taylor's new 5th grade teacher. Taylor, who spends a lot of time going on the internet, knows she wants to avoid Miss Langley - since Miss Langley is strict. When news comes that she didn't get Miss Langley, she is overjoyed. The only problem is that her new 5th grade teacher might be far worse!


My First Day At Middle School

Connor is worried about his first day at Peerc Middle School. Not only is he nervous about his new teachers but he wants to avoid the school bully. When his class schedule gets mixed up, the real horror begins.


7th Grade Camping Trip

Jamie is 12 and going on his 7th grade camping trip. At a remote location, his school bus breaks down. Then, as the teachers and students around him start to vanish one by one, things get scary. All scary school stories can originally be found on creepy youtube channel Don't Turn Around.


8th Grade Nomophobia

Two 8th grade girls walk to their middle school while staring at their phones. When they accidentally crash into a creepy, old woman, it sets off a heart-pounding race for survival. “Nomophobia” is the name given to the fear of being without your cell phone.