The creepy school bus



Chloe loves playing with her friends and her two cats: Tiger and Princess Kate. Her smile brightens up everyone around her and she is always optimistic.


Jamie plays for his school's baseball team and is a star hitter. Not only is he confident and heroic but one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.


While Kaitlin doesn't get on with her mom she is very popular and has a lot of friends. Mostly because she is respectful and kind to everyone.


Alison was one of the first kids to go missing and no one yet knows how that happened. Her aunt - school teacher Mrs.Langley - is also currently missing. Alison claims she is weird and has an awesome sense of humor that makes everyone around her feel safe.


Eddie loves riding everywhere on his bike. His best friend is Jamie and together they love exploring strange places.


FBI Agent Warren has investigated some of the most difficult crimes. He  posed undercover as a p.e teacher at the middle school to get on the bus. What is remarkable about him is he has one leg and uses crutches to get around.

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Sleep with Kaitlin every night as she runs terrified from the Creepy School Bus.

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Alison looks out the back of the bus towards the tunnel entrance.


the creepy school bus

the creepy school bus poster from Don't Turn Around

6th grade student Chloe hears the story of the creepy bus. But when Chloe misses her own school bus, she gets on the back-up bus. A text from her friend: There is no back-up bus!!! Get off that bus!!

the creepy school bus RETURNS

the creepy school bus 2 poster from Don't Turn Around

6th grade student Jamie knows the text story of the creepy school bus, which takes kids away never to be seen again. But when it turns up, rather than run; he gets on, determined to rescue the missing girls.

the creepy school bus ARRIVES

the creepy school bus 3 poster from Don't Turn Around

Kaitlin is scared as she has to get the school bus to school and has heard the story of the creepy school bus. Today is the last day of school and her friends group text her that she might not reach 7th grade if she ends up taking the creepy school bus.

the creepy school bus DESCENDS

the creepy school bus 4 poster from Don't Turn Around

The creepy school bus descends into a tunnel with Kaitlin and the other kidnapped kids, tied to their seats and unable to escape. As Kaitlin texts her friends back home, they watch the story unfold as FBI Agent Warren tries to save everyone on board. But the sinister teacher Mrs. Langley has other plans, and if the kids can’t escape quickly they may never be seen again.

the creepy school bus IS OUTSIDE

The creepy school bus is outside the tunnel and parked in the woods. Kaitlin and Alison are off the bus when they hear a strange and terrifying noise nearby. Alone in the woods, their only hope might be to get back on the bus. Alone in the woods, their only hope might be to get back on the bus.

the creepy school bus OFF THE CLIFF

Chasing after a bus of kidnapped kids, Kaitlin's bus follows up a mountain road: creepy without a guardrail. Outside her window is a scary drop down the cliff. Her friends, whom she texts in a group chat, sense immediate danger and warn her to get off that bus! 

the creepy school bus AT 3AM

Things get creepy fast when it’s 3AM and you’re left alone in the creepy woods on a school bus. As Kaitlin texts her friends and waits for FBI Agent Warren to return from getting help, their dog Protector starts growling and barking at the surrounding dar

kness. Is there someone else out there? Or is it just their imagination? Kaitlin, Jamie, Chloe, Alison and Eddie can only hope Mr. Warren returns in time. 

the creepy school bus @4AM

When they follow a creepy school bus it leads them to a creepy school at 4am: where over 50 creepy buses are parked. Suddenly the evil Mrs. Langley comes out of the school with a needle, and sticks it into the neck of a kidnapped boy. Determined to save their friends, Kaitlin and Jamie come up with a plan to bravely enter the school.


Determined to rescue their friends, Kaitlin and Jamie leave the creepy school bus and follow Mr. Warren into a creepy school. Within, they find classrooms of kids asleep at desks. As an alarm bell suddenly rings, horror unfolds as the kids form a single file line leading to a black door. Screams are heard from the other side. One by one, the kids are forced by Mrs. Langley to enter through the black door. No kid has ever walked through that door and returned. 

ESCAPE the creepy school bus

Kaitlin and friends escape from the killing school to a school bus, in the finale of the creepy school bus text story horror series. But as more and more creepy buses give chase; they drive towards the tunnel home. As her bus runs out of gas, it forces one of them to make the ultimate sacrifice. Even then…they might all not make it home alive.

Everyone fears the creepy school bus: a short bus, with a cracked window. If you’re hooked on the series: this is how it began. Alison was walking home from school when…


Before the summer, creepy school buses kidnapped many middle school kids. A few lucky ones managed to escape. But as summer ends, kids in all schools across the country dread the first day, as many again are forced to take a school bus. In Highland Park, the night before school starts, Kaitlin can't sleep. As she texts her friends, she doesn't realize the nightmare of the creepy school bus is about to unfold.


7th grade student Kaitlin nervously waits for the bus on her first day of school. While texting her friends, she spots it coming around the corner. Is this the real bus picking her up for school? Or could it be the THE CREEPY SCHOOL BUS coming to kidnap her?


 On the first day of school, hundreds of kids are abducted by school buses. A twitter horror story unfolds, as people take to social media, trying to rescue a bus full of kids in Chicago.


Kaitlin and Jamie follow Protector into a tunnel but get trapped when the wall closes behind them. Kaitlin is texting Chloe in group chat (who is outside with Alison and Eddie,) as they all search for a way to open the wall. When Protector sees something further down in the tunnel, Kaitlin and Jamie must make the choice to either stay or head down into the darkness.


Creepy tunnels are deep underground, which allows school buses to transport kids against their will to a mysterious and sinister place. Kaitlin, Jamie and their dog Protector are trapped in the tunnels. When they come across a hidden room, they’re terrified by what’s in there. But what’s scarier may be what’s lurking around the corner.

Don't Turn Around